Presentation Ceremony of the Saitamaken Shinkin Bank Fixed Deposit for Supporting Reds  

The presentation ceremony of the Saitamaken Shinkin Bank Fixed Deposit for Supporting Reds was held at Club House of Ohara Training Ground on 21st July.

The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank collected “Urawa Reds 2009 Fixed Deposit” from 1st April to 22nd May 2009. As part of the special privilege, 0.005% of the total signups is given to the team’s enforcement fund. Executive President Hironobu Yasuda, Standing Director Mitsuyuki Shinohara and Director Shigeru Kanda of the Saitamaken Shinkin Bank and President Mitsuo Hashimoto and Captain Keita Suzuki of Urawa Reds attended the presentation ceremony. Executive President Yasuda presented a panel board cheque to President Hashimoto and Keita Suzuki. The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank explained about the 2009 Urawa Reds Fixed Deposit. “This is our 5th year supporting fixed deposit. More money has been collected recently and before the start, we received a lot of enquiries. Urawa Reds Fixed Deposit is well known among the public.”

“Urawa Reds Fixed Deposit” was started in 2005. 51.7 billion yen in 2005, 38.1 billion yen in 2006, 53.4 billion yen in 2007, 61.1 billion yen in 2008 and 30.8 billion yen through 14,045 sign-ups in 2009 were collected.

President Hashimoto concluded, “Thank you very much for your warm support to Urawa Reds’ operation every year. We will not forget this kindness and work hard to achieve good results. Urawa Reds will utilize the fund responsibly.
Thank you very much for your continued warm support”.