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List of Restaurants   

Here is the list of restaurants that support “All Come Together! Komaba Day”.

On match day, “All Come Together!” post cards will be distributed at Komaba Stadium and event sites. If you bring along the post card to the restaurants near Urawa PARCO, Urawa and Kita Urawa after the game, you will be entitles to some special offers.

*The service is valid only on the 1st of October.

*The operating hours differ for restaurants so please bear that in mind.

■List of Restaurants
【East Exit of Urawa Station】
◆Uchoten (charcoal kebab) 8-16 Higashi Nakamachi: 10% off
◆Shogakubo (Japanese dining) B1, 10-2 Higashi Nakamachi: 1 free glass beer
◆Farm Fresh Totona (Japanese style pub) Prim Rose B1, 2-3 Higashi Takasago: 1 free glass of soft drink or beer
◆Isamuzushi (Sushi) 1-16 Higashi Nakamachi: 5% off
◆Yuzan (Japanese style pub) 8-19 Higashi Nakamachi: 1 free small glass of beer or soft drink
◆Taishoken (Ramen) 8-18 Higashi Nakamachi: 2 extra quail eggs
◆CHIANTI PAPA (Family Dining) 14-6 Higashi Takasago: 1 free small glass of beer or soft drink
◆Fujizushi (Sushi) 1-18 Higashi Nakamachi: 5% off
◆Hormone Takaraya (Hormone) 12-7 Higashi Nakamachi: Beer and other drinks 50% off
◆Kaizan (Japanese style pub) 12-9 Higashi Nakamachi: 1 free glass of soft drink. For a group of more than 5 pax, 1 bottle of wine is given.
◆Shunsaisen, Yamagataya Katsugyo (Japanese style pub) 11-23 Higashi Nakamachi: 1 free glass of beer, oolong tea or green tea

【Urawa PARCO】
◆Sushi Nanami (Sushi and seafood) 5F: 50% off beer
◆Sakaeya Urawa Store (Japanese Dining) 5F: 50% off of pot dining
◆Mamean (Tofu Dining) 5F: From 5 pm, free first drinks
◆Katsukura (Tonkatsu) 5F: 1 free drink
◆Nagasakasarasina Nunoya Tahee (Soba) 5F: 1 free soft drink
◆Shinjuku Tatsukichi (Kebab) 5F: 1 free beer, glass of wine, soft drink or other drinks
◆Paikaji (Okinawa Dining) 5F: 1 free beer or soft drink
◆Papa Milano (Italian) 5F: 10% off
◆Jojoen (BBQ) 5F: 20% off take away of Yukke jan
◆Nakamuraya Olive House (Western) 5F: 1 free soft drink
◆Establo (Grilled hamburger and Spain grill) 5F: Free fruits
◆Kamakura Pasta (Pasta) 5F: 1 free soft drink
◆Lop Nur (Chinese) 5F: 1 free soft drink (oolong tea or orange juice)
◆Ramen Yoshimaru (Ramen) 5F: Free won-ton
◆Ueshima Coffee (Café) B1: 50 yen off all the drinks
◆Chelsea Café (Café dining) 1F: 1 free glass of alcoholic beverage
◆SuraBaya (Indonesia) 5F: 1 free original beer *If the team wins, there is a champagne service for those who spend over 10,000 yen or ordered over 10 dishes.
◆Wired Kitchen (Café restaurant) 6F: 1 free glass of beer, wine or soft drink

【West Exit of Urawa Station】
◆Shuzo Riki (Japanese style pub) 1-3-7 Nakamachi: Free stew dish
◆TINA LOUNGE (South East Asian Cuisine) 2-1-19 Takasago Urawa Washington Hotel 1F: 10% off
◆BBQ Sanrakuen 1-8-6 Nakamachi: Free pickles and salad
◆URAWA POINT (Pub) 1-12 Nakamachi: 12% off
◆Tachinomi Morgan (Japanese style pub) 2-12-6 Takasago Nakaginza: 100 yen per skewer
◆Urawa Fishing Port, Sumibozu (Japanese style pub) 2F Uchida Building 1-4-15 Nakamachi: 1 free beer
◆Rojiurasakaba, Ajito (Okinawa and Asian cuisine) AT Building 1F 1-10-15 Nakamachi: 10% off
◆Restaurant Sanki (Western Restaurant) 1-9-10 Nakamachi: 5% off
◆DINING ZAN (Dining Bar) B1 Wing Building 1-1-10 Nakamachi: Free drink or desert
◆Café Sunadokei (Café) 1-5-2 Nakamachi: 100 yen discount for all the drinks
◆Café Restaurant JAM (Western) 1-2-13 Nakamachi: 1 free glass of beer or soft drink
◆Italian Dining SOMETHING (Italian) 2-1-5 Nakamachi: 20% off
◆Italian Restaurant SOMETHING-DUE (Italian) 2F Kanko Building 1-9-13 Nakamachi: 20% off

【West Exit of Kita Urawa Station】
◆PIZZERIA SOMETHING QUATTRO (Italian) 2F COCO Building 4-3-11 Kita Urawa: 20% off