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Heart-full Club in Asia: sessions will be held in South Korea and Taiwan!   

The Urawa Reds’ Heart-full Club led by Captain Hiroshi Ochiai, who was recently announced to be enshrined in the Soccer Hall of Fame will visit South Korea and Taiwan from Sunday, 22 August to Saturday 28 August to hold their activities entitled “Heart-full Soccer in South Korea” and “Heart-full Soccer in Taiwan” in order to promote grass-roots level international exchange.
Heart-full Club aims to nurture a good heart through soccer and conducts many activities not only in Saitama Prefecture in Japan but also in many different Asian countries to promote exchange with children in Asia. Urawa Reds positions its activities as part of the “Sports for Peace!” project. The club tries to strengthen human resource development and make a contribution to world peace through fascinating sports.

“Heart-full Soccer in South Korea” and “Heart-full Soccer in Taiwan”
◇ Date and place
South Korea: in Seoul from Saturday, 22 August to Wednesday, 25 August – three sessions will be held
Taiwan: in Taipei from Wednesday, 25 August to Saturday, 28 August – three sessions will be held
◇ Target participants: approximately 100 children each from South Korea and Taiwan as well as approximately 100 Japanese children each who are residing in the two countries
◇ Members of the visiting delegation: five Heart-full Club couches including Captain Hiroshi Ochiai
◇ Co-hosted by Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific (FOUNAP)
◇ Support: Public Diplomacy section, Japanese Embassy in Korea and Interchange Association, Japan
◇ Courier Support: DHL Japan
◇ Spencer: Mitsubishi Corporation

Urawa Reds started its grass-roots level international exchange activities through the Heart-full Club Asia program in Asia since 2007 when the team first played in the AFC Champions League. The program was conducted in 15 different countries and attracted 4,300 participants so far. In 2009, the program stared to work in affiliation with Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific (FOUNAP) in order to work together toward world peace through sport. Since July 2010 the program is incorporated as part of “Sports for Peace!”. Urawa Reds will continue to convey the joy of sport and the importance of good friendship to children in Asia through the program.