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“Distributing Lawn” at Komaba Stadium   

“Distributing Lawn from the Main Pitch” was held at Komaba Stadium at 11 am on 3rd November. Komaba Stadium which has made history since the J.League started in 1993 will be undergoing renovation (track and pitch) from November. This event was organized with the aim to share the memory and lawn with the supporters. Before the gate was opened, there were about 300 people already queuing up. They ran to the lawn distribution area once the gate was opened. The 15cm×15cm size lawn was put in a styrene box and distributed to the supporters. The distributed lawn was from the east corner of the field where the most passionate supporters gather.

Other than the lawn, some historical areas of Komaba Stadium such as “Masahiro Fukuda’s PK point to decide J.League top scorer” and “Masaki Tsuchihashi’s first winning goal point when the team returned to J1” attracted the visitors to take photos. In addition, old jerseys were displayed at the home team locker room. The locker was just like when the team has an actual game. The formation for the game against Tokushima Vortis which was held on 11th October drawn by Team Manager Finke on the white board was still there. This attracted a lot of people.

In total, 2,577 visitors graced the event and enjoyed a feel of the pitch by playing some games such as mini soccer. Each visitor seemed to reminisce about the Komaba Stadium.

The renovation work will start a few days later. They renovation will take about 2 years and is scheduled to be completed in 2012.

【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD:OM)】