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The 2nd “Talk on Together 2010”   

On 24th August, the 2nd “Talk on Together 2010” was held at Saitama Civic Centre, Urawa Hall located in Urawa ward at 7 pm.

President Mitsuo Hashimoto, GM Koichi Hashiratani, Team Manager Volker Finke and Coach Morass attended the event with ex-Urawa Reds player Takeshi Mizuuchi as host.

In his opening speech, President Mitsuo Hashimoto touched on team building and said, “We need to build a strong Urawa Reds and aim to be Asia’s number one again and the world champion. By doing so, I believe we can gain the confidence and get support from the people of Urawa”. Regarding the support received from the supporters, he expressed his appreciation. “We re-realize how much Urawa Reds is loved and feel the supporters’ passion after hearing the “Pride of Urawa” calls by the supporters who came to the stadium to watch the games against Nagoya, Sendai and Shonan. I strongly felt the weight of my responsibility and think it is our mission to share the joy of victory together with the supporters at the Saitama Stadium. In order to do so, we have to win the next game and share the joy with the supporters.”

Before the Q&A session, Mizuuchi posted a question about “Abe Yuki’s transfer”. In response, GM Hashiratani explained about the current situation. “We heard about the offer from an England club, Leicester City, last week through an agent. We talked to first him and understood that it has been his dream to play for an overseas team since when he was playing for JEF. Hence, he told me that he is very happy about the offer and wants to take it. I then talked to the agent and found out the details. There were two major problems and one of them was the visa issue. In England, only those who are called up to the national team and have played 75% of the games in the last 2 years are eligible for a working visa. Another issue is the medical. There are other problems that we need to solve, but we have agreed with this arrangement as we want to respect and support Abe’s dream and decision. Abe will leave for England at 1 am tomorrow. He will first undergo his medical. As for the working visa, it is really up to the authority. But in my opinion, I think it should not be a problem as Abe played for the national team in the all 4 world cup games. After these two issues are cleared, Abe will sign the contract and play for Leicester City.”

The Q&A session was then held. Various questions were raised by the supporters and the session lasted longer than expected.

Lastly, Captain Keita Suzuki went up to the stage as the players’ representative. “I was listening to the tough questions and strong opinions so I was feeling uncomfortable coming up on stage. We are really trying out very best. We had a game against Nagoya recently and I feel very sorry for being injured during the warm up. However, there were two things that crossed my mind. Firstly, it really touched my heart when the supporters were cheering us while sending us players off after the game. Secondly, I feel that our current situation is something we players should be ashamed of. When I joined Reds, the team was not doing well and our current situation is somehow similar to that time.
However, we should not allow ourselves to be the same as that time. We have experienced a lot of things and Urawa Reds are constantly improving. Therefore, we need to show some difference. We can feel the supporters’ enthusiasm and passion and really want to have good results to repay the favour. We will continue to do our best and thank you very much for your warm support in advance.” He received a big round of applause from the audience.
GM Hashiratani then concluded the event. “Although it was only a short while, we re-realize how much the supporters love Reds and want to improve the team. We really want to continue to build up the team together with the supporters. Thank you very much for your time today.” The audience applauded him.

In total, 381 people participated in the 2nd “Talk on Together 2010”. The team and the supporters had a good discussion to improve Urawa Reds.

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