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Thank you message at the end of the 2011 Season league matches  

To our fans and supporters

I would like to express our sincere appreciations for your passionate cheering and warm support during this season. Though we had set a goal of winning the league title for the season and tried to achieve the goal by introducing new leadership as well as new members, we had struggled through to the final match in order to remain in the J1.

We regret that we had to change head coaches and team managers during the season. As we reflect upon the challenges the club is left with in terms of the team manager, team members and team strengthening, I would like to offer our apologies for such a situation.

I would like to show my appreciation to Team Manager Hori who took over the responsibility under such a harsh situation as well as to the members of the team and staff members who fought together as one. Above all, I would like to extend my deep appreciation to our fans and supporters who supported us until the last moment.

With our reflections of the past season in our minds, we will continue to make our team and the club stronger with the aim to make Urawa Reds “a team with a dream and pride which receives much support from its companions”. While league matches finished today, there remains the very important Emperor’s Cup match. As the team will put all they have into the preparations for the match, I would like to ask for your continued dedicated support until the end.

Urawa Red Diamonds
President Mitsuo Hashimoto