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Talk on Together 2009  

Urawa Reds Talk on Together 2009 which 865 supporters participated was held in the Large Hall at Saitama Hall at 7 pm on 10th August.

At the beginning of the 1st segment, President Mitsuo Hashimoto explained about the current situation of the team and basic management principle to the supporters. “This year, we reviewed our team management organization and welcomed Team Manager Volker Finke and Team Director Katsuyoshi Shinto. Now, we are working towards achieving our ideal. That is a strong and entertaining team that has a lot of movements of the players and ball. I believe that you can feel the changes on the pitch.”
Then he went on explaining about the goal for this season, change in club organization and various troubles. In conclusion, President Hashimoto said, “Although I have been the President for just 3 months, I acknowledge and feel how big what my predecessors have established. I would really like to listen sincerely to the voices of the people and do my best to develop the team. I hope we can work together and make Urawa Reds stronger”.

Next, President Hashimoto and TD Shinto appeared on the stage and had a talk with the MC, Mr. Jun Seio, a writer of the official Match Day Program. Talking about the team’s development so far, TD Shinto said, “I have to admit that our 3 losses in a row is our challenge but I appreciate the performances that the players have been showing since the start of the season, especially the young players’ tremendous efforts in Nabisco Cup”. The 2 then mentioned about the club future goals and team’s stance towards various press reports. Mr. Seio questioned, “Can I confirm that you will continue to support Team Manager Finke?” and President Hashimoto replied straight away, “Yes”. The hall was filled with loud applauses.

In the 2nd segment, a talk show led by Mr. Yoshiyuki Ohsumi (football journalist) was held and Team Manager Finke explained about the team’s current situation and various points in detail. On being asked about winning titles, Team Manager Finke replied, “I would like to start winning titles as soon as possible as well. However, we need time to build up the team and patience is important”. Mr. Ohsumi encouraged him by saying, “I think a lot of people support your ideas. That is why people want to see the results soon”. In return, Team Manager Finke commented, “Of course, I have to be careful when making a promise to win championships. The J.League was founded in 1993 and it took 13 years for Urawa Reds to win their first title in 2006. I promise that it will not take another 13 years to win the league championship for the 2nd time”. His reply drew laughter from the audience. Team Manager Finke then described the future outlook as, “We assure you that you will be able to see wonderful Urawa Reds in the future”. The talk show lasted for almost an hour. The audience gave a big round of applause when Team Manager Finke went down from the stage.

As for the rest of the information on Urawa Reds Talk on Together 2009, it is being updated on the website “Reds Voice”.

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