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Steward Workshop  

Red Diamonds Supporters’ Club who has always helped out at home games held a Steward Workshop at Saitama Stadium Ball Room on 6th December. About 100 people participated in the event.

Red Diamonds Supporters’ Club Vice President, Kinjiro Katayama started the event by saying, “I hope this will give us a chance to rethink how the game operation and service should be.” Then, Reds President Mitsuo Hashimoto gave a talk.

“Urawa Reds and Saitama” was the theme and President Hashimoto started off by giving a self introduction. “I am the youngest among 9 brothers. Although I am over 60 years of age, I have been told that I look like Naoki Yamada”. This made the audience break out in laughter. Having picked up rugby when he was at high school, he learned that winning games can develop a team and create a rich tradition. After mentioning about how he joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and his role there, he went on to talking about Reds. When he was a non-executive director at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, he watched a Reds game from the VIP seat in Saitama Stadium. Now as a President, he still watches the game from his VIP seat, but he said, “After watching the supporters stand up and support the players, I could not allow myself to sit down and watch games”. President Hashimoto ended his talk by saying, “I would like to promise that we will devote ourselves to developing an entertaining and strong team”. The talk lasted about 50 minutes.

Operation Manager Ryuichi Hatanaka followed and expressed appreciation to the people at the workshop. This season’s issues and improvements of the steward activity were then reconfirmed. Mr. Hatanaka who asked for the continued understanding and support towards “Reds Wonderland” said, “Let’s create an atmosphere where everyone in family can enjoy the excitement of games”.