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PriDreamS Saitama  

Omiya Ardija, Osaki Osol, Saitama Seibu Lions, Saitama Broncos, Urawa Reds and Reds Ladies established an organization based on our close relationship. The 6 teams (5 organizations) have been carrying out some talk shows in Saitama prefecture for the past 2 years with the message of “Make Saitama dynamic by sports!”
The organization is called “PriDreamS Saitama”.

“PriDreamS” is coined from the words “pride”, “dream” and “sports”.

The press conference of the establishment was held on 30th March. A representative of each organization, Governor of Saitama Prefecture Kiyoshi Ueda, Saitama City Mayor Hayato Shimizu, Tokorozawa City Mayor Yoshiko Toma and Miyoshi Town Mayor Hidemi Suzuki attended the press conference which was held at Saitama Kaikan Hall.

Chairman of Omiya Ardija Seigo Watanabe who is the President of PriDreamS Saitama said, “The 5 organizations will be united like the 5 rings of the Olympic logo and make Saitama more dynamic”. He also touched on women’s volleyball club Takefuji Bamboo who had participated in the first talk show held 2 years ago but has since been folded. “I feel that the economic situation is tough but I am sure that we can provide dreams and hope to people of Saitama through sports especially in a time like this.”

The purpose of PriDreamS Saitama is as follows:
(1) To contribute and cultivate the younger generation towards a healthy growth
(2) To approve and support policies regarding sports promotion established by local governments
(3) To convey the excellence of sports and contribute in realizing “Sports kingdom Saitama”
(4) To conduct promotion activity to gain more support for the team and players in Saitama
With immediate effect, the organization will host or co-host events related to sports and exchange information on activities including sports clinic.

President Mitsuo Hashimoto
“We know the people from the other organization quite well so it is very easy to work together.
I hope we can make Saitama more dynamic through sports. To contribute and cultivate the younger generation for their healthy growth is the same principle as J.League.
In specific, I am thinking of organizing a school where we (many different sports organizations) can gather together and teach the children soccer and baseball. Reds have a comprehensive facility called RedsLand where we can have such schools.
Besides that, Saitama Seibu Lions have been organizing some events where customers can come and enjoy. In terms of information exchange, I think Reds staff will have an opportunity to learn from such events. I hope we can repay the favour to the people of Saitama.”

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