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Here is message for the fans and supporters from President Mitsunori Fujiguchi.   

Thank you for your continued support.
A board of directors’ meeting was held today and I will be retiring on 24th April when the annual shareholders’ meeting will be held.
Although there will be changes to the board of directors, Urawa Reds will continue to move forward together with the fans, supporters and people in the home town as Urawa Reds has been doing since its establishment.
What we want to achieve is that every club staff have a sense of belonging to Urawa Reds and continue to communicate with the people of the Urawa. We also want all Reds supporters to be proud of Reds.
As for the first team, we will continue pursuing Reds style, “Football involving movements of people and ball and inspiring people to dream” under the direction of Team Manager Finke and Team Director Shinto. All the players in the team from young to veterans have been developing through friendly competition in everyday training. It is our dream to see players who trained in the Reds Academy play in the first team at the stadium. I look forward to seeing those players’ success.
Currently, the team has been in the middle of a “new journey” and moving forward step by step. I hope that the team can show its improvement in the game against Oita Trinita and share the joy of victory together with the fans and supporters after the game.

Urawa Reds President Mitsunori Fujiguchi