We will come back to Urawa with a successful outcome   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Thirteenth Sec. against Gamba Osaka

Since we have had one week between two matches this week, we have been able to train ourselves based on our regular schedule this week. We had our regular training sessions since we came back from Korea and we have had a day off on Thursday three days prior to the official match as we usually do. We had two training sessions on Friday this week. However, it does not mean that we will always have two training sessions after our day off from now. In the past, we had two training sessions earlier in the week. But, now that we will resume playing in J. League official matches, we had two training sessions yesterday. As a result, it was quite tough for the team. We have worked on some recovery programs today. When we will have light training in Osaka tomorrow morning, we will practice on the pitch using balls with spiked shoes on.
Yosuke Kashiwagi joined the team training session for the first time this week. He had a viral cold. But, after he had several check ups, it was proven that he is well now. Since there is no threat that he could pass his cold onto the other players, he will be able to accompany the team again for tomorrow’s match. However, I am afraid that Spiranovic is also suffering from the same cold. He has gastro and his medical checkup data suggests that he is still unwell. For this reason, he will not be able to join the team this time.
We would like to achieve a successful result this time as well. We will play in 22 matches from now. Since tomorrow’s match will be the first of the remaining 22 matches, we would like to do our best to have a good start.

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