Team Manager Mischa - press conference after the match against Ventforet Kofu  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J. League 2nd stage 6th sec match against Ventforet Kofu

First of all, I would like to commend the players of both teams who played hard for 90 minutes. Today’s match was played in such high temperatures. It was so hot that it made it difficult even just to stand in the heat let alone play the whole soccer match. But, both teams’ players played hard and put everything they had into the match until the last moment. I commend the players of both teams for their hard efforts.

As for us Urawa Reds, today’s match had put lots of pressure on us. This was the match we had to win. In addition, Ventfore Kofu is the team that has tactful defense operations. For this reason, we thought it would not easy for us to play and win against such a team.

We had analyzed and predicted before the match that Ventfore Kofu would form a tight defense around the penalty area. As we thought it would be difficult to break their tight defense around this area, we aimed to break their block from the sides.

Making attacks from the sides was one of our strategies we aimed to focus on today. The second point we focused on was to mark Dudu, Venfore’s number 10 player, well and to keep him under our control. When we were carrying out our offensive plays, we had to be careful not to let our opponent players to steal the ball from us and let Dudu get and keep the ball by passing the ball through to him as this would allow them to execute counter attacks against us. We thought it would be dangerous if we allowed Venfore’s number 13, 14, 23 and other players who usually come forward swiftly with high speed some opportunities to execute counter attacks against us. With this in mind, during our training, we practiced to make sure we mark remaining players as well as to get second balls while making attacks.

Looking at our overall performance during today’s match, we were able to win the match as a result of us having clear strategies by making attacks from the sides and not allowing our opponent players chances to make counter attacks against us. In terms of the abilities of our players, I believe Urawa Reds players are capable of raising their standard even higher. However, given today’s hot weather and hard conditions, they achieved their mission of winning the match well with their abilities to remain focused and disciplined.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Team Manager Mischa – press conference after the match against Ventforet Kofu