Team Manager Mischa – press conference after the match against Jubilo Iwata  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J. League 15th sec match against Jubilo Iwata

I don’t know what kind of comment I should make after losing our home match against Julibo Iwata with the result of four to two. Jubilo Iwata players were running more and their movements were fresher than ours from the beginning of the match. Our movements were heavy and there were many moments that they were lagging a few seconds behind. We were also lacking in our ideas and struggled to play our style of soccer throughout the 90 minutes.

We finished the first half of the match not well. But, when we came from behind, we were performing better. However, when we lose several goals as we did today, it is difficult to win any match after that.

When we played our ACL match against Jeju United, we won such a hard match against them. When I regard our performance back then as our peak, our team’s condition has dropped when we played against Shimizu S-Pulse and Kashiwa Reysol. Looking back at the past five seasons, we had been playing at the top in a relatively stable manner. As for our current situation, I don’t think we are performing badly. However, we are going through a slump as we struggle to win the matches we play.

As the team manager, I have the responsibility of preparing our team players to perform better than they did today. Though there is now a big margin between us and the top teams, I don’t think we should be pessimistic here as we are not even half-way through the season. We still have a long way to go until the end of the season and there are many more matches to play. We have enough matches to catch up with the top teams and get ahead of them.

I believe that our players are very disappointed by today’s defeat not to mention the disappointment of our fans and supporters as well as everyone concerned in our club. But, I know our players did their best despite the difficult conditions they are currently in. Therefore, I should be the one to stand in front of them to receive any criticisms. I need to prepare our players to be mentally and physically in good condition so that they can perform well again to win matches. We are going through a difficult time now. But, I believe we still have enough time on our side to get back to where we need to be for our future matches.

As a team manager, I had experienced similar situations with a team going through a difficult time in the past. I am acutely aware that I have the responsibility of bringing our team back to a good condition as their team manager. If a team manager cannot achieve the result he sets out to achieve, he must leave from his position. I need to make our players able to perform well again while protecting the club.

Urawa Reds is a great team. When such a great team loses a match by not being able to perform well, I must take the blame as their team manager. I know Urawa Reds doesn’t end here. I will fulfil my responsibility so that our players can play as a top ranking team again.

The performance our players showed today was far from Urawa Reds style soccer. Losing goals like we did today should not happen again in the future. The team has built itself up a lot over the past five years. For this reason, while the current condition is not positive, we should not be more pessimistic than necessary. Currently we are 8 points behind the top ranking team with one less match played. We still have enough time and matches to play to get ahead of them. However, I know that I must take responsibility for the results of the team’s current performance against Shimizu S-Pulse, Kashiwa Reysol as well as our today’s opponent Jubilo Iwata and it is imperative for me to pull our team together again under my responsibility.
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Team Manager Mischa – press conference after the match against Jubilo Iwata