Our supporters gave the team tremendous courage-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 21st Sec match against Oita Trinita

It is difficult for me to make a few comments straight after a match which unfolded in such a dramatic way. Nonetheless, I would like to take a look back at what had happened during today’s match.

Over the past 20 years of my career as a team manager, I had never had my team lose three goals from crosses soon after the match started. Some may ask who is responsible for this blunder. However, in the world of soccer, a team could accidentally lose goals no matter how careful players execute their performance. For the very reason this type of thing happens, soccer is very interesting.

As for three goals our team lost, our goal keeper did not even get to glance at the ball. This was how we lost our goals. However, our players played so hard after that and managed to score a goal by the end of the first half. They created a few other scoring opportunities before the end of the first half as well.

Even when our team was lagging behind our opponent by three points, our players did not give up and displayed a very strong determination to win the match no matter what it took of them. When Marcio scored our second goal from his free kick at an early stage in the second half of the match, it had an important effect by flipping the game to our advantage. Our team won the match by securing four goals today. But, we were able to create several other scoring chances during the course of the match. Though it was a very tough match, we were able to outperform our opponent team, which deserved our victory today.

Another significant contributor to our victory today was our dedicated fans and supporters. They gave us unbelievable support even after our team was in a recessive situation by lagging behind with the result of zero to three, which gave tremendous encouragement to our team. Usually, if a team loses several goals at an early stage of the first half of a match, it is natural to receive a booing from the fans. However, our supporters believed in us and gave a great support for us, which ushered us to our victory today. I would like to express my greatest appreciation to our supporters. Arigato (“thank you” in Japanese).
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Our supporters gave the team tremendous courage-Team Manager Mischa