Our performance today will carry us through to the future  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 30th Sec match against Cerezo Osaka

I was able to watch a really good match today. Do you all agree with me? I am sure you also watched a fantastic match today. As I had commented earlier before the match, I regard Cerezo Osaka’s attacks as one of the most advanced in the J. League.

Their Team Manager Culpi had led the team for five years. With about six month absence, he is leading the team again at present. As I mentioned prior to the match, I thought Cerezo Osaka continued to be a fantastic team before Team Manager Culpi’s return. However, despite their good performance, Cerezo Osaka had not been able to achieve good results. Over the past few years, their team has been fantastic in their attacks. And, today we faced such a team to play against.

As I am the team manager of Urawa Reds, I might be prejudiced in favor of my own team but I thought our players did so well today. Since the team lost their two previous matches against Sapporo and Sendai, today’s match was going to be a challenging match for them. Nonetheless, my team’s performance was fantastic. They showed their strong determination and guts to win the match. I personally think that the one point we accumulated by finishing the match with a draw today is worth more than receiving three points by simply winning the match. We have only four remaining matches before the end of the season and we are in with the chance of winning the title. I believe that our supporters also understand where our team is heading to.

Urawa Reds has come back into existence again. I am confident that we now hold a special place in the J. League, which is truly a valuable achievement for us. Even if I was to have the next five hours or so, I do not think I can explain the reason why we did not win the match today despite such a good performance. Nevertheless, how we performed today will carry us through to the future.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Our performance today will carry us through to the future