First of 3 consecutive games during Golden Week. Let’s look forward to grabbing points  

We lost to Jubilo Iwata in the last game, which put a stop to our run of 4 consecutive wins. However, the players are still motivated. We will face Shimizu S-Pulse who is at the top of the table in the next game. The game will be held at Ecopa Stadium at 4 pm on 1st May.

Although it is an away game, the players are united and determined to get all 3 points. They are very motivated to continue winning.

Team Manager of Shimizu S-Pulse Kenta Hasegawa who is leading the team for the 6th year changed the team’s formation from a 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 system. The reason of the change is Shinji Ono. He made his return to J.League for the first time since 2007 when he played for us. Team Manager Hasegawa changed the team’s tactic to utilize the talented player. For the past 5 years, the team used the tactic of keeping a tight defense wall but the new tactic is to get a ball in the middle area to counterattack from the middle.

Their result so far after 8 games is 5 wins and 3 draws. They have yet to lose to any team since the start of this season and are positioned at the top with 18 points. Having looked at their games, it is difficult to say that the new system is functioning perfectly well. However, the reason they could score goals in the important games is because of Ono. His excellent skills are well known and Reds have to make sure not to let Ono to pass the ball easily in order to steal a win against S-Pulse.

In addition, Yuichiro Nagai who played for us for 12 years and currently plays for S-Pulse is a dangerous player although he has not been registered as a substitute for some time. Their goalkeeper Yohei Nishibe played for us from 1999 to 2003. As seen, Shimizu S-Pulse has a lot of players who have strong connections with us.

Other than them, of course the team’s main goal poacher Shinji Okazaki and skilled player Johnsen must be watched.

However, we are very motivated to face them. Tadaaki Hirakawa who comes from the same city and is the same age as Ono gave his comment as “I am looking forward to seeing how well we can do against them”. Keisuke Tsuboi who is in the same generation as Ono expressed his excitement as, “They have one very talented player. I am looking forward to facing them”. We learned a lesson from the loss in the last game against Jubilo where we could not play to our style. Now is the time to show what we have learned.

Our result is 5 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws. With 16 points, Reds are 3rd in the table. It is very important for us not to lose consecutively in order to finish the season at the top of the table. There will be 3 consecutive games in the Golden Week. Hence it is very important to win the first game and keep the momentum going into the 10th game against Nagoya Grampus (5th May) and the 11th game against Yokohama F・Marinos (8th May).

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