FC Bayern Open Training   

FC Bayern Munich had an open training at Saitama Stadium one day before the “Saitama City Cup 2008 Delivered by DHL” held on the 31st of July.

FC Bayern players did some foot works using markers on the pitch and passing a ball in threes. After that they had a 10 against 5 ball passing drill with limitations on the number of touches allowed and space. This training lasted for 10 minutes. After they took a water break, they had an 8 against 8 plus 1 free player game using half court. They got more excited as they played more games. The stadium was filled with voices of players coaching each other.

1,062 people came to watch this training. Every time the players scored a goal, the spectators gave them a round of applause and cheered them. After the game, the players carried on their individual training. They did some crossing and shooting drills and free kick practice. Lastly, the players made a circle to do stretching. They seemed relaxed even with their tight schedule. The training ended after 70 minutes.