After playing the match against Omiya Ardija-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Thirteenth Sec. against Omiya Ardija
We had a very tough “fight game” today. Considering the number of players who suffered from cramps in their feet, it was certainly a physically tough match we had today. I also think that players were quite worn out, as we had to play in three matches this week.
In my preparation for today’s match, I watched the match Omiya Ardija played in Nagoya. I thought that today’s match started in a most unfortunate way. We lost a point first as we did and because of that, our opponent was able to secure their defense and worked on counter attacks. For this reason, we started the match in such a terrible way. However, considering our current situation, today’s result of having just one point was not too bad.
Our situation will improve in a few weeks time and we will be able to use many more players. It was also an “away” game we played. For this reason, I am not too unhappy about the result. I have no intention of making a big complaint here right at this moment. Players such as Robson Ponte and Tatsuya Tanaka will be back from their injuries in a few weeks time. We will also have other players like Tulio back soon. Then we will be able to play well in J. League matches after our interruption.

(Tulio changed mid way through. How is he?)
He expressed his wish to be replaced mid way through the match. As he said he had some uncomfortable feeling with his muscles, I changed him with another player. He will have a usual medical check up tomorrow morning. I can then comment on how his situation is as well as whether he can play for the national team. Since he has not had the medical check yet at this point, I cannot make any detailed comment right now.

(During the match today, players did not run into a free space to get the ball after they passed the ball up the mid-field. What was the reason for this?)
I have no intention of having a discussion about this with you here. But, I think our opponent had a very compact defense. When they form two four-player lines like they did, it is very difficult for us to make a space. I think our players were embarrassed at the beginning of the match. As this was the case, it was in a way a difficult game to start.
However, we should not forget the fact that we had to change several players and their play positions because of the injuries some of our players have. As I spoke at the last press conference, Naoki Yamada is suspended this time as he received a fourth yellow card. I know among our mid fielders, who has the most stamina and can create the most number of path courses. I can say that we simply did not have such players this time. However, fundamentally speaking, it is difficult to find a space when our opponent has such an organized and compact defense formation.